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EMOFLUOR® is sold exclusively at chemists and druggists.


Sensitive tooth necks, irritated gums, caries prevention

While tin fluoride has been proved to be very effective for oral and dental hygiene, it is difficult to stabilise this fluoride compound in an oral hygiene product without reducing its bioavailability.

Dr. Wild's dental research division found a way to do this, bringing a tooth gel (for intensive care) and a toothpaste (for daily use) with stabilised tin fluoride to the market.

Tin fluoride has been studied in many clinical trials and is one of the most effective fluoride compounds for sensitive tooth necks, irritated gums, and when used to prevent caries on the tooth neck and crown.

NEW: Professional protection for sensitive teeth


To reduce stimulus-related pain caused by sensitive teeth and tooth necks, for use before professional teeth cleaning.

EAN-Code: 7611841701044





Intensive care


Rub on using your finger tip once daily in the evening.
Spit without rinsing.
(RDA 18)


EAN-Code: 7611841134002

Use daily

EMOFLUOR® toothpaste

Brush three times a day with this toothpaste.

Protects your teeth while thoroughly cleaning them.

Stimulates saliva production and prevents dry mouth.
(RDA 37, Ra 0.49, Re 33.3)


EAN-Code: 7611841133302

EMOFLUOR® mouth rinse

We recommend using EMOFLUOR® as a daily rinse
no alcohol or dyes


EAN-Code: 7611841141000 (250 ml
EAN-Code: 7611841142007 (500 ml)

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