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TEBODONT® products are sold exclusively at chemists and druggists.


Gum problems, excessive plaque

TEBODONT® calms, soothes, invigorates and regenerates the gums

TEBODONT® is for gum problems and excessive plaque

Clinical trials have proved TEBODONT® works

Intensive care


  • 2.5% tea tree oil
    For intensive care of irritated gums and oral mucosa. Inhibits plaque formation. Can be used to treat specific areas.


 EAN-Code: 7611841349000


  • with 2% tea tree oil
    For intensive care of irritated gums and oral mucosa, and excessive plaque formation.


 EAN-Code: 7611841345002

Care / Prevention

TEBODONT® mouth rinse

  • 400 ml
    with 1.5% tea tree oil


 EAN-Code: 7611841347006

TEBODONT®-F mouth rinse

  • 250 ml
    with 1.5% tea tree oil and sodium fluoride


 EAN-Code: 7611841347204

For caring irritated gums and oral mucosa, excessive plaque formation, and for use as a preventative care, caries prevention.

Daily Oral Hygiene

TEBODONT®-F toothpaste

  • with 0.75% tea tree oil
    Inhibits plaque formation, invigorates the gums, prevents caries


 EAN-Code: 7611841701068

TEBODONT® Stretch Floss

  • infused with tea tree oil
    For getting the interdental spaces really clean, expands on contact with saliva into a spongy strand, which cleans more effectively


 EAN-Code: 7611841350006




  • with tea tree oil

    In case of irritated lips and corners of the mouth
  • Nourishes, soothes, regenerates


 EAN-Code: 7611841700061

TEBO Lip® Balm

  • Nourishing lip balm with tea tree oil
  • Nourishes, soothes, regenerates


 EAN-Code: 7611841700788 (DUO)

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